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rose to 2.25 from 2.20

2015. március 5.

 has indeed been significantly decreased the odds of winning. After all, the Spurs still have the home-court advantage in the Western Conference finals, coupled with its strong home seems to have become impenetrable fortress Thunder, Thunder in the three full    new balance 996 uk battle lost a total of 80 points, averaging nearly 27 points lost. But in this short period of two days before the sixth game, the Spurs have even odds of winning the rise, rose to 2.25 from 2.20 ,; and Thunder appears a drop from 9.50 down to 9.00. What is the reason?

Although the change is not great, but also from here can see a little clue: Thunder sixth game back home want to win very large. Western Conference championship winner can not jump to conclusions. I will always be ready, they (Spurs) could not control the ball     new balance 580 uk  does not enter into the basket, "James said." I just need to do the physical and mental preparation, so that even if the ball does not enter, and I can do other things to help the team win, I have to prove he can do it. Heat Finals four consecutive years, but for the first time fell to the relatively weak side.

Szerző: aintoet | 2015. március 5.