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and I can do other things

2015. március 5.

and I can do other things to help the team win,  new balance 373 womens    I have to prove he can do it. Heat Finals four consecutive years, but for the first time fell to the relatively weak side. Experts predict whether or fan vote, the Spurs have won the upper hand. This result, James and Wade seemed impressed. You also mentioned the Spurs revenge, and Duncan in the sixth game of the Western decision eliminated the Thunder, too, said some hard words unusual, such as "I am very pleased that the opponent is Miami, we will win this year," you can read his revenge morale, how do you see his remarks? Duncan in 17 years, has been very low key alliance effectiveness, he almost never said anything controversial remarks

Has never said a word stick in his dressing room inspire teammates. After the last game of the Thunder ended, he sounds a bit ...... I think what he means is,  new balance 999 uk  "We're back! We are very pleased on them, we will win!" This shows his confidence, it sounds a little children are not in keeping with his character, because he was never so to speak, but really with us to talk about the front. Spurs feel that they won last year, this year they might really glad to have the opportunity to redeem yourself, to beat the heat.

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